By What Authority:

July 2010

By What Authority

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POCLAD continues to provide key leadership to the growing effort to amend the U.S. Constitution to strip corporations of their illegitimate claims to be "persons" with constitutional rights.

The coalition effort is online at and consists of grassroots and national organizations working collaboratively and cooperatively. The effort is multi-racial, multi-ethnic, the leadership is gender-balanced, and every region of the country is represented.

We encourage you to sign the organizing petition if you haven't already done so. This will ensure that you get periodic updates on our efforts to nurture the growing democracy movement, and make the promise of democracy a reality!

And please forward this email request to family and friends. The corporate media is not going to cover us until we are so large and loud that they are forced to do so. Please help us make that happen ...

Finally, here is a short video interview of POCLAD principal David Cobb discussing

Onward to the world we so richly deserve, and so desperately need.

The POCLAD crew